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At the time of writing: exactly 5 years ago (July 2016), we were completing the development and installation for the Oceanographic Institute of Monaco and the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco. Immersive360the first brick in our easysuite360 platform!

35 networked virtual reality headsets (at the time Samsung Gear VR), controlled by a PC, delivered two films on demand to visitors, enabling them to discover the wonders of our fragile oceans. The Oceanographic Institute thus launched the world's first room of its kind (with real-time control of the headsets, and exclusive content), true to its reputation as a precursor, Albert 1st having made 3D films recounting his expeditions as early as 1895!

It was a real pleasure to be part of this new historic milestone (no less!): making 360° virtual reality available to the general public, for real immersive sensory experiences. And it's been running for 5 years without maintenance 😎.

And today, it's even better! Thanks to easystory360you can manage your content in complete autonomy, update your helmets in just 1 click, and even carry them in their suitcases, complete with pre-configured network and control panel.

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Photo Credit: Philippe C. Immersion Tools