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360° VR filming

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Your turnkey virtual tour :

immerse your customers in your world!

Give your communication a new dimension by opting for VIRTUAL REALITY!


Because VR is an effective way for you to strengthen the commitment of your customers and prospects by enabling them to enjoy a unique visiting experience! Present your products, your values and your differences on a VR headset like you've never done before!

Your turnkey virtual tour


By letting us do it!

We come to you, you tell us your story, and we take care of everything: 360° shots and scripting of the immersive experience alongside you.

If you already have your own media (videos, photos, sounds, etc.), we'll integrate them to enrich your new medium!

And because you're the one who tells it best, we can integrate the production of a video interview.


The virtual tour is provided as a WEB link that you can embed for LIFE on your own website, and share on social networks or any other digital medium.

IF YOU WISH TO GET THE BEST OUT OF THIS IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE, you can also rent virtual reality headsets for the event, or purchase dedicated broadcast equipment(easybox360 headset cases).

360° Virtual Tour


To maximize the results of your communications strategy, it's essential to establish a close relationship with your target audience. To achieve this, you can showcase your company, your teams, your manufacturing processes and everything else that is usually difficult to access within your walls.

With this in mind, virtual reality offers you the opportunity to provide your customers and partners with a unique experience that lets them dive straight behind the scenes, while keeping a close eye on what you're unveiling.

*Rates excluding travel expenses

Computer graphics

3D modeling

Immersive simulation

  (customer project image: process visit to water treatment plant)

360° drone filming

360° photo/video

Interview 360

Sound recording

  (customer project image: 60th anniversary tour of the Radôme, Cité des Telecoms)

Our 360 VR agency has a dedicated project manager you can count on!

VR 360 Project Manager

Efficiency, quality, speed and low prices adapted to your needs!fast, high-quality VR 360 project