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virtual reality for retail

The development of immersive technologies and the very affordable cost of hardware are gradually changing the way we interact, and naturally, the way we consume. Among the technologies introduced and tested over the last decade, the democratization of virtual reality (VR) cannot be overlooked.


Your virtual store or SHOWROOM VR in a suitcase!

Creation of a virtual showroom to recreate the physical experience of visiting the point of sale. This helps to encourage impulse buying or avoid shopping cart abandonment. Your universe goes everywhere with you, at events, prospects, customers, etc.


Why commercial VR experiences?

Firstly, they provide consumers with realistic and immersive virtual shopping experiences. These experiences can include virtual store tours, virtual product trials and even product demonstrations in action. VR creates a strong emotional bond with consumers and can positively influence their purchasing decisions.

They offer increased convenience for consumers, who can explore products and retail spaces without having to physically move. This eliminates the constraints of time and distance, offering greater accessibility to potential customers.

For companies, VR 360° experiences offer new opportunities to differentiate and enhance their products. They enable products to be presented in an innovative and captivating way, leading to better customer retention.


We take care of everything!

Right from the in-depth planning phase, you'll be assigned a dedicated project manager. Our team works with your company to understand your specific needs, target audience and objectives.

Next, we create the VR content. This ranges from 3D modeling of products, to 360° shooting, to the creation of virtual environments. Project follow-up and final deployment are facilitated by our easystory360.

Once the content has been created, we test and iterate to ensure an optimal experience, working closely with you to obtain feedback and make any necessary adjustments.

Finally, we deploy the 360° VR experience on your website and/or in our easybox360 VR headset systems. We can also deploy on the stores of various headset manufacturers for users with equipment at home.


Different types of 360° VR experiences

360° VR experiences for retail can take many forms and have a variety of applications:

Virtual store tour

Companies can offer consumers an immersive experience where they can virtually explore a store, browse the shelves and interact with the products.

Virtual product trials

VR allows customers to virtually test products, such as clothing, accessories or even furniture, before purchasing them.

Interactive product presentations

Companies can create interactive virtual presentations that allow consumers to discover a product's features and functionalities in an immersive way.

Immersive brand experiences

Brands can use VR to create unique immersive experiences that tell their story and brand identity in a captivating way.

Training and apprenticeships

VR can be used to train employees in specific retail tasks, or to offer customers interactive tutorials on how to use products.


The benefits of 360° VR experiences for consumers

Total immersion

VR 360° experiences immerse consumers in realistic virtual environments, allowing them to feel as if they were physically present.

Convenience and accessibility

Consumers can access 360° VR experiences from home, at any time, without having to physically visit a store.

Realistic product visualization

VR allows consumersto see products in realistic detail, examining every angle and observing textures and features.

Virtual tests

Consumers can virtually try on products, such as clothing or accessories, to see how they fit and whether they meet their needs.

An immersive and entertaining experience

VR 360° experiences offer a more engaging and entertaining shopping experience, capturing consumers' attention and arousing their interest.


The benefits of 360° VR experiences for businesses

Competitive differentiation

Companies that use VR to offer unique experiences stand out from their competitors and attract the attention of consumers.

Increased sales

VR 360° experiences offer an immersive and captivating shopping experience, which can lead to increased sales and better conversion of prospects into customers.

Customer commitment

VR 360° experiences offer customers a memorable experience, encouraging them to interact more with the brand and develop a long-term relationship.

Reduce product returns

Consumers who have been able to test products virtually are more likely to make a satisfactory purchase, thus reducing the rate of product returns.

Data analysis

VR 360° experiences can collect valuable data on consumer behavior, such as areas of interest, most viewed products, etc., which can inform marketing strategies and sales decisions.

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V-Commerce applications!

Services, products or goods: the digitalization of retail outlets is accelerating! And immersive tools are capable of boosting your sales performance tenfold by reaching your prospects and customers more directly, via a 360 web page directly on your site, or with VR headsets (see below).

Virtual Reality for Retail