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 Métier 360
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Métiers 360 - Immersion

Because of its performance and innovative nature, VR is a particularly effective tool for jobs involving specific environments. Discovering jobs in virtual reality enables viewers to immerse themselves, virtually explore workplaces, and get a clearer idea of what the job actually involves.


  • Onboarding temps

The use of virtual reality in the induction process for temporary workers provides an immersive experience that facilitates their familiarization with the work environment, procedures and specific tasks. This reduces the time needed for training and increases the efficiency of new temps.

  • Job interviews

Virtual reality can be used during job interviews to create simulations of professional environments and assess candidates' skills in realistic scenarios. This enables recruiters to better assess candidates and make more informed decisions based on real-life experience.

  • VR or local mission orientation workshops

Virtual reality-based career guidance workshops offer an interactive, immersive experience enabling participants to explore different career fields. This can help individuals better understand the professions that interest them, discover new opportunities and make more informed decisions about their careers.

  • Trade shows

At events such as the "Salon du Travail et de la Mobilité", virtual reality lets you bring your entire business environment to your stand: 360° business video, interviews, building, workshop, product, etc.

  • 360° business catalog

Immersion at the heart of professions can be used to create an interactive 360-degree job catalog, offering individuals the chance to virtually discover different professions. This can help them gain a realistic view of the tasks, environments and skills required for each of these professions, facilitating their career choice process.



360-degree capture

We can produce 360-degree shots or computer-generated images. We also shoot interviews and other 16:9 images required for immersive presentations of the professions you wish to highlight.

Professional equipment, Gorpo Max, Insta360, drone


Editing and post-production

Once the footage has been captured, and your own media retrieved, we edit and post-produce to create a fluid, immersive experience that can be used for Onboarding interviews, trade shows or orientation workshops.


Integration of interactions

For a more educational immersion, we add interactive elements to 360-degree photos or videos. This can include contextual information, clickable buttons to access additional details, menus to select different perspectives or options to perform specific actions, QUIZZ, briefing, debriefing, ...

360 Trades


Broadcasting on VR headsets

If you want to provide a 360-degree experience on virtual reality headsets, our easybox360 cases are ready to use and above all simple to implement with your audience (no joystick, eye interaction, etc.). Our 360 player is also available on the Stores if you have your own headsets.

easybox360 - Pre-configured VR headset cases

Tablet-controlled networked VR headsets and standalone networked VR headsets.


WEB distribution

Thanks to our easystory360 platform, your 360° immersive experiences are available at the click of a button on your website, smartphone or PC.


All easily modifiable by your teams thanks to our platform!


A generation that communicates through images!

The new generation entering the job market has grown up with Minecraft and Fortnite! Today's recruitment candidates are gradually moving away from traditional consumer experiences and looking for originality. They're turning to more playful and instantaneous sources. In this context, immersive 360° VR, which is easy to deploy thanks to our platform, comes into its own.

360° communication