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The easy VR 360 solution!

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Build and publish interactive 360° virtual experiences!

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Why choose Explorations360?

Explorations 360 gives you the ability to create immersive 360° experiences and deliver them to the web, computer, tablet, smartphone, VR headsets, whatever their brand, reaching your audience on any device, wherever they are.

Our cloud-based esasystory360 VR infrastructure will boost your creativity and facilitate initiatives in the field of virtual reality and 360°, enabling companies and freelancers in all sectors to take hold of a genuine VR CMS (content management system).
Save time and energy!

Our easybox360 VR helmet cases are self-contained, disconnected from the Internet, making them reliable and easy to deploy in any situation: showroom, trade fair, training course, public presentation...

Our users are your community: if you're interested in a project created using our platform, we'll put you in touch with its creator!


The platform works with a drag-and-drop system. You can personalize your visuals with text, custom icons, photos, videos, 3D objects, GPS points, sounds and more. The tools on offer are intuitive and easy to learn. There's something for every taste and every sector of activity.

A comprehensive

The platform is accessible to all, free of charge. There is a pro version that gives you access to more features, storage, resources and templates. Most of the time, the free version is all you need to create presentations, stories and 360° experiences to share.

Aneasy-to-use tool

explorations360 is available online for the creation of 360° experiences. The 360° player can be used to broadcast your content on your website, social networks, virtual reality headsets and.....

Answer with simplicity to the complexity of scripting 360with great flexibility of publication.

Facilitating cooperation and increase interactions during sessions with VR headsets

Training in VR 360


Online virtual reality software for every profession, that lets you :

  • share your 360° media
  • create your own virtual tours,
  • set the scene for your training courses,
  • present a value proposition,
  • promote an innovation,
  • explain a complex process.
  • remote control.
  • and much more...

In short: all the power of an online virtual reality agency.

2 simple tools for deploying 360° VR

The easy VR 360 solution!

Broadcast on :

VR headsets



easybox360 - Pre-configured VR headset cases


A suitcase system containing: materials that have passed through our hands, and redesigned for the general public:

  • VR headsets connected to your explorations360 account,
  • an autonomous network,
  • a control panel
  • video feedback on the tablet of what the user is watching in the headset

Easy to transport and deploy.

what our customers have to say

Many thanks to our customers and partners for their testimonials.
On this site, all the witnesses exist! These are partners and customers you can find on Linkedin, for example. wink

"Today I'm presenting the 360° films from our factory tour to the employees who work on site! All are unanimous about the solution: It's top 👍 !

And for me, who operates the box, it's really reliable and easy!
Thank you!"

Hélène Ligniez

Communications Manager, ATLANTIC

"While Vice President of Diving Science and Technology at PADI Worldwide, I had the pleasure of working with that crew on some demanding technical projects including the Computer Diving SimulatorTM. This was a key product supporting the shift in diver education from decompression tables to computers. The crew's competence in virtual tools and immersive environments (and his good humour) made the project not only efficient but fun. I continue to work with them on cutting edge educational projects in virtual 3D spaces".

John Kinsella

CEO & Project Manager, 3D Diver Training

"Responsiveness, innovation, reliability, strength of proposal... More than a service provider, this team has become a trusted partner for us. For me, trust is the fundamental value of a winning partnership."

Nadia Lemercier

Communications Manager, Western France, SUEZ

"With easystory360,we now haveat our disposal a user-friendly, flexible, interactive and constantly updatable means of communication. It allows our customers, via our website, to stroll around our showroom and even find a wider choice of staircases than in our actual showroom. As a result, we've installed an easybox360 case in this hall to guide our visitors more effectively in discovering our staircases. And bravo for the ease of use of the back office, I'm 100% autonomous!"

Patrick Brunel

Managing Partner, ESCARMOR

"The only team that fully meets your needs by transforming your very real requests into virtual reality or augmented reality, it's up to you!"

Christian Roche

BU IOT Director, REXEL France