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Virtual reality is now considered an effective new communications tool for businesses. Thanks to its performance and innovative nature, VR is also the ideal marketing tool for capturing your audience's attention, raising your profile and strengthening brand loyalty.


A generation that communicates through images

Today's consumers are gradually moving away from traditional consumer experiences and looking for originality. They are turning to more playful and instantaneous sources. Visual communication also continues to grow in popularity, while reading(editor's note: sadly) is in decline.


Improved information retention rate

Virtual reality helps to maintain and/or improve image, communication and brand awareness, increase sales and reduce costs. It is a new channel for transmitting information, considered as a marketing tool capable of creating a new way of communicating by arousing emotion, experience, exclusivity and commitment among participants. It allows users to experience new adventures and discover new worlds. Memorization, attention and identification rates are much higher than with conventional means.


A close relationship

To maximize the results of your communication strategy, it's essential to establish a close relationship with your target audience. To achieve this, you can showcase your company, your teams, your manufacturing processes and everything else that is usually difficult to access within your walls.

With this in mind, virtual reality offers you the opportunity to provide your customers and partners with a unique experience that lets them dive straight in behind the scenes, while keeping their hands on what you're unveiling.

example (Cooperl) of a room controlled by our tablet system, the same one used in our VR headset cases

Testimonial Cooperl Franck Porcher

Stimulating emotion

Storytelling is a very important element in corporate communications, as it contributes to a brand's image and positioning. Virtual reality storytelling gives a brand personality, promotes its history, know-how and values, arouses emotion, captures attention and increases prospects' commitment.

Our specialized VR agency is available to support you in your communication campaigns or VR marketing strategy, creating immersive, original and exclusive experiences, tailored to your image.

All easily distributed via our platform!

VR communication!

Solutions capable of making your messages more powerful and engaging by transforming your words into real experiences!

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