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With easybox360 : peace of mind

The full power of the explorations360 ecosystem!

easybox360 our pre-configured case system.

- autonomous network, you're not dependent on the Internet or your location's WiFi connection.

- tablet to control VR headsetss

- interaction between tablet and headset

- return screen to see what users are doing in the headsets

- helmet interactions with the eye

easybox360 - VR cases

On the internet

360° encapsulation

Each Story (360 experience) created with our platform is accompanied by a web address, enabling :

- encapsulation on your own site, you stay on your domain name.

- sharing via social networks.


With your own VR headsets

Your VR headset

If you already own VR equipment, download the app from the Store (Pico, Meta, Apple). Pairing with your easystory360 account and content is a simple gesture.

- showcase your 360 experiences created with easystory360.

- Once you've synchronized your content, you don't need the Internet.

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On tablet, smartphone or computer

The 360 format is not specific to VR headsets! Download our player for Android, iOS, Windows.

Keep the interactive power of your easystory360 creations.

Advantage: during your demos, you don't need an Internet connection, as the media is preloaded into the application.

Ideal for group presentations, conferences, or any situation where you can't deploy your headsets.

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Tablet, smartphone, 360° computer

And as an option, even without an account or registration:

360 Photos - 360 Videos

free and easy sharing!

360° content sharing

360 images offer a new dimension to online communication, enabling users to discover environments in an immersive way, and opening up new opportunities for businesses, the entertainment industry and education.

360 photo and 360 video - free sharing

Submit your media on our platform

Simply upload your media (photo or video) via the form opposite, enter your email address and you'll receive a link to share shortly afterwards (it all depends on the size of your file, especially for videos).


No account required to deposit or read

Those with whom you share the link do not need to identify themselves or leave their contact details.

You can also go one step further and use the easystory360 for

  • obtain additional functions (change logo, change photo or video orientation, etc.)
  • scripting richly interactive experiences!


Encapsulation on your website

When you receive the share link, you'll also receive an iFrame code, which allows you to embed the image on a page of your site. All you have to do is copy this iFrame code into the code of your page, where you want the 360 photo or 360 video to appear.
For example, the form on the right is an iFrame, and is not hosted on explorations360.com, it's just encapsulated here. For coders, more information here: https: //fr.w3docs.com/apprendre-html/html-tag-iframe.html


Playback in VR headsets

If you open the link in a VR browser, you can switch to immersive viewing.