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Mounting 360
The MOST SIMPLE solution for your 360° experiences

Ease, accessibility, speed, flexibility, economy.

We've developed an innovative platform that simplifies access to building 360 experiences and makes VR easy to use for companies of all sizes or freelancers.

Whether you're a product manufacturer, manufacturer, retailer, real estate agent, museum, architect, photographer, content creation agency... our platform can help you harness the full potential of virtual reality to enhance interactions and better captivate your audience.


Ease of use thanks to our 360° SAAS platform

We understand that integrating new technologies can be complex for some people. That's why we've designed our SAAS platform to be easy to use, even for people without in-depth technical knowledge.

And to broadcast all this, use our easybox360 cases, your own VR headsets, tablet, smartphone or computer... Find out more HERE!


360° mounting


For editing and sharing:
work in the cloud.
No software to install. Publish in 1 click!

Virtual reality software

A complete "No Code" editing tool for VR 360

Everything you need is here!

No Code

Start in 2 minutes !
No coding required to create your "Stories" and all the rich interactions that make them up.

Publication on your own site

Encapsulate your creations directly on your website, instant 360 VR web integration. Publish on your own domain name.

VR headset distribution

Broadcast your creations directly into your VR headsets, or use our pre-configured cases with control panel.

Share on networks

Share in a click your photos, 360° videos or richly interactive experiences. Create your own VR 360 Stories.

Logic functions

If you know what "IF", "OR"andAND"mean, you are ready to create rich interactions, according to conditions (having answered a question, passed through a scene, etc.).

VR Quiz

Questionnaires with index managementsingle-answer, multiple-answer, open-ended questions, etc. You can connect to your Learning Management System.

Escape Game

The "Hidden object"function, linked to logic functions and clues, you can create a real Escape Game in immersion.

GPS points

Geolocalize your scenes on a map. Useful for real estate, tourist sites, ... 

Adapted typography

For headsetsuse of charactersdesigned specifically for visually impaired people.
And frankly, it adds to comfort even for the "sighted".

Cloud platform

Work in the cloud In just a few clicks, upload your content and transform it into 360° experiences instantly available on the web.

Multi-track audio

At each hierarchical level (story, scene, object, quiz, etc.) you can associate a sound, and then mix it all together.

Trusted support

An experienced team for over 15 years projects in the field of virtual reality and other immersive tools. always at the service of its customers.