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360° retouching

Photoshop's new "generative fill" feature unlocks NEW editing capabilities that will take 360 photographers to the next level!

Whether you're a pro or an amateur in VR or 360, this video is for you. It'll save you time! Your tips are welcome in the comments too, of course!

Software used :

Affinity Photo:

Adobe Photoshop Beta:

If you have any tips or tricks up your sleeve, don't hesitate to leave them as a comment on Youtube, below the video featured in this article. We'll be happy to pass on your tips to the community!

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  • Definition equirectangular :
    In geography, thehe equirectangular projection is widely used to represent the globe on a flat surface. However, due to the distortions introduced by this projection, it is not very suitable for navigation or cadastral maps.

    Equirectangular earth


    In 360° photography and video, it's the same: you can represent a spherical image flat, but distortions bring constraints, especially when it comes to image retouching.

    360° office