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Harassment at school, stimulating debate with virtual reality (VR)!

The immersive features of VR headsets provide an ideal environment for teaching students empathy in a world of plural cultures and personalities.

From November to April 2023, Roland Toullec, our project manager, proposed to 2 4th grade students working on a project to raise awareness of harassment, to use our explorations360 platform to build their film. The viewer thus becomes a witness to a virtual experience of harassment, helping to better understand the emotions and negative consequences associated with these situations.

School bullying VR educational kit

Feeling emotions

We know that VR headsets headsets put more strain on the right brain, which is more visual and intuitive. It generates a more creative and less organized way of thinking and acting. It allows you to feel other people's emotions, and to empathize.

By experiencing these emotions in an immersive way, students can develop empathy for victims of harassment.


A 360° teaching kit to raise awareness of harassment?

What if this first "hands-on" experience, carried out in Saint-Brieuc as a proof of concept, accompanying students at Collège Saint-Yves La Salle, was the first brick in a vast library of immersive content designed for all types of educational outreach?

PicoXR pedagogical headsets cases


Why not go one step further and ask students from other secondary schools to create their own resources? It would be a simple matter to roll out a "harassment teaching kit" for creating 360° content, enabling students to record their own 360° videos or 360° images.


Test the consequences of your actions!

Thanks to the explorations360 platform and the experience of our teamswe can create immersive questionnaires, and propose different situations and reactions whose consequences can be tested.

This interactive approach promotes active learning and encourages students to think about different ways of resolving conflicts and promoting a respectful school environment. The fight against bullying at school cannot rest solely on the shoulders of students and teachers.


Distribute widely

It's essential to involve as many people as possible in this process. Virtual reality can be an invaluable tool for raising awareness among all key players and helping them to better understand students' experiences. 

What to do about bullying?

Senate information report of September 22, 2021
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Report summary (296 Kbytes)

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